December 10, 2017

Health begins in the mouth—and not just health: a lifestyle, freshness and beauty has its roots in an open, confident smile. That’s what CURAPROX, the oral hygiene brand from Switzerland company Curaden, stands for. Brand-new on the German market is its Black Is White chewing gum. Black, subtly citrusy and minty, this effective whitening product boasts five amazing ingredients.

Containing activated carbon for a gentle whitening effect, there’s no chewing gum like it. This natural ingredient simply absorbs particles that cause discolouration, removing stains without damaging the enamel.

Hydroxyapatite, a natural mineral that’s the main component of dental enamel, fills cavities that are starting to form. It remineralises the dental enamel, thereby giving the chewing gum protective and sensitivity-relieving properties. Hydroxyapatite is also a main ingredient of the well-known Black Is White toothpaste.

The completely natural enzyme Glucose oxidase promotes a healthy balance of bacteria in the mouth. The result: no bad bacteria and no possibility of dental caries or gum diseases.

And the chewing gum wouldn’t be complete without xylitol. This special sweetener is extracted from trees and has an antibacterial effect. Saliva-stimulating, xylitol remineralises the dental enamel and reliably prevents dental caries.

Try the Black Is White chewing gum at www.curaprox.com.

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