The starter program for dental fitness – tailored just for you.

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Dental Fitness

Prevention One – That’s how oral health is done today.

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Join us and you’ll be on your way to feeling great, looking better and preserving oral hygiene.

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Prevention One is your key to maximum oral hygiene. It combines personal dental care with professional oral hygiene plus individual coaching at the dentist’s office.

Your oral health

Beautiful and healthy teeth are synonymous with self-assurance and success. To be successful, you’ll continue to do what you’ve been doing all along: brush your teeth. But this time, you’ll do it right. You’ll have your own personal coach, and you’ll have products that are truly effective.

Oral health can be easy. Really!

Everyone brushes his or her teeth. And yet, caries, inflamed gums, periodontitis, and tooth decay are common. How come? Dentists will tell you: most are doing it wrong.
What’s worse, most people won’t go to the dentist until it is too late. This is no laughing matter for anyone.
The result? Teeth with plenty of fillings, receding gums, bone loss.
The solution? Brush your teeth the right way, get more regular check-ups – and put on a smile.

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Your solution

What makes it all possible? Prevention One.
Prevention One is your way to achieve dental fitness: healthy, beautiful teeth, and healthy, beautiful gums.
Prevention One helps you achieve dental fitness. Super easy, no sweat.
Prevention One is your key to maximum oral hygiene at home. It combines dental care with professional oral hygiene plus individual coaching at the dentist’s office.


A Starter Box
to get you … started

You also need the right products. This is exactly what Prevention One brings to your home – beginning with the Starter Box. Here you will find everything you need for the first three months and the exclusive booklet to give you the first directions.

Choose one of our starter kits and you’ll receive the top products for perfect dental care and maintaining oral hygiene.
You also have access to current information, tutorials, bonus programs and savings at Prevention One Partner practices.

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Your P1-Coach

Reading and starting by yourself is fine, demonstration and practice are better. That’s why we refer you to a certified P1-Coach at a dental practice near you. Your P1-Coach is your personal trainer for your oral hygiene.
In addition, we offer you support anywhere, anytime. With our website, our upcoming P1-app and the exclusive member access coming soon.

365 days a year of comprehensive care for your health.

You’ll be surprised how healthy and beautiful your teeth will be and continue to be. And why suddenly you will no longer mind seeing the dentist, your P1-Coach.

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